Dry ice blasting works because of three primary factors: Kinetic effect, Thermal Effect and Sublimation. The Kinetic Effect occurs when dry ice pellets are accelerated by compressed air to high speeds, fracturing the top layer of contaminant. The dry ice pellets are non-abrasive, non-conductive and disappear on impact, making dry ice blasting superior to other blasting methods (glass bead, steel shot, sand/grit, water or soda) and can be used for many common cleaning applications. The Thermal effect occurs once the dry ice penetrates the contaminant. The temperature of both the contaminant layer and the substrate decreases. The different materials contract unequally and the adherence between them decreases. This thermal difference helps to separate the contaminant from the substrate. Sublimation occurs after the dry ice makes its initial impact and instantaneously turn from a solid to a gas.  



We feature equipment from Cold Jet.  Please check out these videos for more information on our equipment and process!



 Fast and effective: Downtime is minimized, labor costs are reduced, and productivity increased.

 A dry process: Dry ice blasting is non-conductive and safe for electrical applications where using water may not be advisable or permitted.

 No media waste:  Dry ice pellets do the job and simply disappear, eliminating the high disposal costs associated with other materials.

 Non-Abrasive:  Cleaning won't damage sensitive parts or production equipment.

 Environmentally safe and friendly: Dry ice blasting does not contribute to greenhouse gasses and no hazardous wastes are produced. With basic safety precautions, the work process is safe. No ozone-depleting chemicals are used and there is no exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Proven Dry Ice Blasting Applications

  • Automotive Industry: equipment cleaning, mold cleaning, aluminum rim, alignment equipment, weld lines, under hood cleaning, aluminum block and head cleaning. 
  • Baking and food processing: bakery molds, conveyors, drip pans, mixers, ovens, proof boxes. 
  • Electrical equipment: circuit boards, switch gears, motors, transformers. 
  • Plastics: airveyors, molds compression and extrusion. 
  • Printing: gears, decks, guides, press cleaning
  • Restoration: fire, historical, mold remediation, shower, tile and grout. 




We are a new company but our roots go back over 60 years and we are family owned and operated. Our company founder is James Mammen, a partner previously in M3 Glass Technologies. This company is a perennial Fortune 5000 company and a national finalist as best small business in America three consecutive years ( 2007, 2008, 2009). M3 is a manufacturer of tempered and laminated safety glass products sold nationally. It is recognized as an industry leader in decorative architectural glass products. In November of 2015 Mr. Mammen retired after over 40 years with the company. Over the years the growth and reputation of M3 was built on delivering value and quality to clients in a timely manner. At Cold Blast Clean, we know what great service and commitment to quality means and how to get it done. We hope to be your go-to Dry Ice Blasting solution!